Cheap, functional, reliable things unleash the creativity of people who then build stuff that you could not imagine. There’s no way of predicting the Internet based on the first transistor.
— George Whitesides

Who We Are


Super-Releaser is a robotics company developing technologies to usher soft robots into the real world. We have done product development for Google and engineering for NASA. We have developed medical device prototypes for SOLS and Phoenix Medical. Our focus is making soft robots practical by exploring them through a design for manufacture lens.

What is a Soft Robot?

As opposed to traditional robots, soft robots are made from compliant materials: elastomers, cloth, shape changing composites, and plastics. They react to their environment by design so can outperform a hard robot whenever force needs to be evenly distributed across a wide range of objects, mechanisms have to interface with the human body, or a positive directed output needs to be delivered from a wide and varied range on inputs.

Prototype to Product

We are focused on taking human error and assembly time out of the equation. We develop methods for creating and iterating robots quickly. We also work with manufacturers to design functional robots in line with what can be scaled into production using existing facilities.

Like any practical technology with the power to change lives on a mass scale, efficiency, cost, reliability, and durability are essential metrics in the development of soft robots. Our team has an extensive design for manufacture and iterative prototyping background that enables us to ride the line between emerging technologies and practical solutions.


Open Source

We believe that our best applications will come from collaboration and community development. We are committed to sharing our methods, results, and findings as much as possible.

Experiment with our designs. You can read all of our published documentation here and download some of our most successful prototypes to fabricate your own soft robots here

Get In Touch

Want to bring the power of compliant mechanisms to your application? Need to distribute force evenly across the human body? Have a robotic arm that needs a versatile end effector? Need to tuck several actuators and mechanisms into a simple, easily mass produced package? Email us to discuss our soft robotics development track today.