Design, Ideation, and Prototyping Services

Do you need to interface with the human body for data collection, medical therapy, or haptic feedback? Do you need to manipulate objects that are highly variable or fragile? Do you need to reduce the component count in a complex system for more cost effective manufacturing and assembly?

Super-Releaser offers rapid prototyping, fabrication, design, and ideation services to suit your application. Email us with your needs and we would be happy to discuss how we can apply soft robotics to solve your issues.   

Recent Projects Include

  • Rapid prototyping and iteration of sealed volumes for lightweight rigid aerodynamic structures 
    • Google X
  • Design and molding of composite materials composed of engineered knits and silicone elastomers for making an airtight seal across the body without reducing bloodflow
    • NASA Subcontract
  • Engineering of compliant actuators for diabetes therapy
    • Phoenix Medical
  • Design and fabrication of pneumatically actuated footwear with variable compliance
    • SOLS
  • Ideation for compliant systems to manipulate delicate biological samples
    • 3Scan
  • Pneumatic actuators and systems for fabricating them at scale for low cost medical exoskeletons
    • Internal Research Project