Visit from Yeeun Kim

On Monday, the Super-Releaser team had a special guest in the lab, Yeeun Kim, who is currently interning at the University of Las Vegas Robotics Lab. Yeeun had created her very own Glaucus soft robot from Matthew's tutorial for her internship. Given that The Glaucus is a fairly difficult robot to build, we were all quite impressed and excited to see it in action. While in the lab, Yeeun showed us her Glaucus and talked about what kinds of problems she had run into while fabricating it. It had some difficulty walking, however it was definitely one of the most promising Glaucuses we have seen made outside of Super-Releaser. We additionally discussed molding techniques, pneumatic control systems, and the future of the Glaucus, including a look at the beginnings of a future iteration. Yeeun's visit was very insightful for Super-Releaser, and has given us inspiration on how to improve the design and make it easier to replicate. Thanks for visiting Yeeun!

Have you made your own Glaucus? Post it up on the Super-Releaser Soft Robotics forum! We'd love to see it.

by Aidan Leitch


Aidan Leitch