Introducing Aidan Leitch: Super-Releaser's First Intern


My name is Aidan Leitch and I've just started my internship at Super-Releaser. It's already been quite an exciting experience, given that Super Releaser has not had any interns previously. Allow me to introduce myself. I've been hacking with soft robots quite frequently for the past year and a half. I've built everything from inflatable insoles to muscular orthotics. Many of my creations can be seen on my Instagram or my YouTube channel, in which I often make videos on how to build soft robots. Some of my other maker-related interests include materials science and biohacking. I'm very excited to finally contribute my soft robotics expertise to an innovative company such as Super Releaser. During my internship, I'll be assisting Matt with his upcoming book "Make: Soft Robots" and helping out in the lab on a weekly basis. In the future, I will likely have some more posts on this blog, so stay tuned!



Aidan Leitch