DoD Soft Robotics Request For Information (RFI): Deadline Postponed!

When preparing our submission for the U.S. Department of Defense's RFI on manufacturing for soft robotics, it came up that there had been an amendment published on Feb 12th! The good news is that with a postponement of a little over a month, we will have more time to polish our response. It also gives us some time to encourage more soft robotics researchers who may have been deterred before by the quick turn-around. Since the amendment is short and sweet, here is it reprinted in full.

Amendment 001 1. Submission of Documentation The due date for responses to this RFI has been extended to 22 March 2016. All other provisions of the RFI remain unchanged. Any late responses will NOT be reviewed. Responders shall provide one (1) electronic copy (in Microsoft Word) of their response on a CD or DVD. USBs will NOT be accepted. DO NOT send via email, and DO NOT send any hard copies. Please ensure your response does not have any markings stating the information is proprietary or it will not be considered. Submission of existing commercial documentation and product literature is NOT an acceptable response. Documentation shall be sent to the following Contracting Office address:
AFRL/RQKMS ATTN: Mary Ann Sharits 2130 Eighth Street, Building 45 WPAFB, OH 45433 E-mail:; Telephone: (937) 713-9898
Due date 3:00 PM Local Time, 22 March 2016 (Late responses will not be considered) 

The rest of the original call for information still stands, and can be found in our previous blog post, "'Future DoD MII Potential Technology Focus Area' - Let Me Interpret."

Kari Love