Aidan Leitch wins the 2016 Soft Robotics Toolkit design competition

Aidan has been Super-Releaser's intern since this summer, where he's performed experiments from silicone tinting to vacuum chamber design. He's been a fantastic addition to the Super-Releaser team. If you're a member of the soft robotics community, you will instantly recognize his work from his youtube channel and instagram feed.

We're proud to announce (though not incredibly surprised to say) he has won an award for soft robotics design through the Soft Robotics Toolkit 2016 Competition. He developed a method for measuring the actuation of a soft robotic finger using pressure sensing.

Other winners include a system for reinforcing soft actuators, end effector position sensing, and a bio-inspired manta ray bot.

We'd like to congratulate him on this award, as well as say how excellent it has been working with him.

Matthew Borgatti