Super-Releaser at World Maker Faire

Last weekend, Super-Releaser had the great opportunity to speak at World Maker Faire 2016 in New York City. Our lead scientist Matt Borgatti and soft goods engineer Kari Love spoke on Sunday at the Maker-to-Market stage.

During the presentation, they talked about the field of soft robotics, Super-Releaser's own research, and how publishing open-source can drastically aid the development of emerging fields. They also discussed how individuals and makers can contribute to the emerging field of soft robotics, by following online tutorials, contributing to the NASA Tensegrity Robotics Toolkit, or a variety of other means. Overall, the experience was great exposure for Super-Releaser, and given the response from the audience, people seemed quite interested in our work.

We would like to thank Maker Faire for providing Super-Releaser with the chance to speak this year and special thanks to everyone who came to listen to the presentation!

Aidan Leitch