The Neucuff: A soft orthotic exoskeleton

This project has been in development for nearly six months, now, and we're pleased to announce its first major release. The Neucuff is a pneumatic soft robot exoskeleton. It's intended to deliver enough strength and control over elbow extension to give people with Cerebral Palsy command of their arms again.

This project has been a collaboration between Super-Releaser lead scientist Matthew Borgatti, professional spacesuit designer and fabricator Kari Love, and concept artist Colin Foran. One of the most exciting developments, now that there are a few functional prototypes to demonstrate, is that the design will begin preliminary evaluations by a team of Cerebral Palsy therapists specializing in exoskeletons and PT robots at Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois in Lausanne, Switzerland.

One of the major goals for this project is to navigate the territory of funding medical testing, product development, hardware design, and FDA approval while remaining open source. We've been meeting with representatives from the EFF, Harvard's Cyber Law group, and Ximedica to map out a plan for tackling what seems to be a brand new concept in the world of medical product development.

You can find more details about the project on its page. Subscribe to the project's feed there for updates as things progress.

[The Neucuff is a research prototype and is not intended for clinical use or sale.]