Simple 3d Printed Soft Robotic Gripper

We're excited to announce we're working on a book for MAKE tentatively titled "MAKE: Soft Robots". It's going to feature a dozen open source soft robotics projects each describing a different mechanism that the reader can incorporate into their own soft robot project. It's going to include details on making your own pneumatic control system, vacuum chamber, walking soft robots, and more.

The first project we've prototyped for the book is this compliant pneumatic gripper. It's super simple to cast and all of the necessary components can be printed at the same time without support material. The individual digits on the gripper incorporate their own gaskets so getting the whole thing airtight is just a matter of screwing it together.

The gripper can latch on to a huge variety of objects and keep a hold of things weighing up to a pound. It's a great little object to experiment with and is an excellent intro to soft robotics.