New Breakthrough in the Glaucus Project


After nearly a year of development, the Glaucus project has produced its first fully functional prototype. It's still preliminary, but the method for tucking complex hollow geometry for pneumatic actuators inside a seamless silicone skin is concrete. There are three working robots that have emerged from the latest generation of molds in under a week. The internal structure is being tweaked and the molding may see some revisions, but this is the most promising development to come from the latest generation of FDM printed bathtub molds.

In essence, this breakthrough means that anyone with a FDM printer and a handful of supplies bought off of Amazon can have a perfect replica of this exact robot with a few days of effort.

There are more experiments and tests underway. Soon, more formal video and documentation will be out. Until then, check out this video of the prototype taking its first steps.

Matthew Borgatti