Super-Releaser is a creative technology company that specializes in mechanical design, program management, and applied science.

Super-Releaser gets its name from the study of animal behavior. It means unlocking a greater response than anything found in nature.

We explore spaces, build exacting prototypes, and integrate disciplines to illuminate pathways, transform teams, and generate breakthrough technologies.



Our Expertise

We provide consulting, development, and prototyping services to companies all the way from Fortune 500’s to stealth startups. If you’re looking to bring your technology to a new level fast, we’re here for you. We can help you mesh complex systems together - like refining your wearable device to work seamlessly with bodies of all shapes and sizes. We can integrate findings generated across diverse areas of your team into a beautiful whole.


Our Methods

We draw from a wide range of expertise to solve problems that need to get solved. We’ve focused on several areas, building a body of knowledge and techniques to get to the heart of critical issues:

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Design Thinking

From whiteboard sketching, to system mapping, to playful exercises, it takes real conceptual work to start a project on the right path. We’ve got the advantage of developing these techniques both on the job, and through years of teaching design students.


Rapid Prototyping

Simulations are great (heck, we use them all the time) but reality is more complex than any simulation. We get ideas out into physical matter as soon as possible to test expectations against reality.

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Process Design

Design is more than objects. The invisible labor that supports them (assembly, installation, updating, cleaning) can be more important than the designs themselves. That’s why we work to optimize these processes and make them work right from the beginning.

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Human Factors

Ultimately, your work is about touching lives. Whether it’s making sure a handle is easy to turn no matter the user’s age, or an astronaut is able to distinguish fasteners by texture through their gloves, we know how to put people first. We’re invested in sociology, physical prototyping, and manufacturing to make designs work for people.


Soft Robotics

Compliant mechanisms can borrow successful patterns directly from biology and create machines that are safe by nature. We’ve spent deep time in the field of soft robotics, releasing open source designs and developing medical devices based on entirely soft mechanisms.


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Our Clients

We’re happy to jump in and help you at any step of the way, from conceptual design and project planning all the way down to ensuring a project that’s gotten off track gets wrangled and in over the finish line.

Here is a selection of companies we’ve worked with:


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