Super-Releaser Robotics

Soft robots for hard problems

We're a small collective of multidisciplinary artists, designers, and engineers. Super-Releaser is currently developing medical device prototypes, collaborating with universities offering soft robotics manufacturing expertise, and hacking away at the core technologies involved in making better robots.



Matthew Borgatti


Matthew cut his teeth building animatronic puppets in the SFX industry - a designer by training and an engineer by inclination. He has designed for companies like Squid Labs, Instructables, Makani Power, Adafruit, MAKE, and Eyebeam.

Some of Matthew's own projects include The Anywhere Organ and  Bokode @ Home.


James F. Bredt, PhD

Director of Research 

Jim founded Z-Corp - which was at one point the world's largest 3d printer manufacturer, teaches at MIT, owns the powder printing research lab Viridis 3d, and is the human spotlight at the Ig Nobel Awards.

Jim's material science and printing research has been essential to forming the technologies at the core of Super-Releaser.


Lost Hope


Lost Hope is a privately owned prototyping space in Brooklyn, NY.  It has been the progenitor of consumer products, art installations, and collaborative hacker friendly events. 



Viridis is Jim's own lab and print shop, where he develops powders for 3D printing as well as a few top secret prototypes. 

Sound like something you'd like to be a part of? Drop us an email at Send  a copy of your resume, links to projects and a short cover letter about why you'd like to work with us. For potential art fellows, send a resume and brief project proposal to