Super-Releaser Robotics

Soft robots for hard problems

We're a multidisciplinary team of designers, artists, and engineers. Super-Releaser is developing medical device prototypes, collaborating with universities, offering soft robotics manufacturing expertise, and building technologies to make better robots.



Lead Scientist

Matthew Borgatti is the lead scientist at Super-Releaser. He has a degree in Industrial Design from RISD and has made animatronic monsters for half a dozen feature films.

He has developed prototypes and designs for organizations like Google X Labs, NASA, Sols, Bond, Instructables, Makani Power, Adafruit, and MAKE. Matthew provides the design and mechanical engineering for the majority of Super-Releaser's devices.

James F.
Bredt, PhD

Director of Research 

Jim founded Z-Corp (which was world's largest 3d printer manufacturer), teaches at MIT, owns the powder printing research lab Viridis 3d, and is the human spotlight at the Ig Nobel Awards.

Jim's material science and printing research has been essential to forming the technologies at the core of Super-Releaser.


Soft Goods Engineer

Kari is a versatile designer and stitcher. She has built everything from EVA spacesuit components, to puppet costumes on Sesame Street, to Spider-Man costumes for the Turn Off the Dark on Broadway.

Kari specializes in the human factors engineering necessary to fit designed objects to the body. She also has an extensive knowledge of fabrics and construction methods for soft goods.



Sea Lab


Sea Lab is a privately owned prototyping space in Brooklyn, NY.  It has spawned consumer products, art installations, and manufacturing technologies.



Viridis is Jim's own lab and print shop, where he develops powders for 3D printing as well as a few top secret prototypes. 

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